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Your Giving for December, 2019

Climate Change


☀️ Renewable Energy


🦖 Carbon Offsets




Disaster Response


🚑 First Responders


🏠 Food & Shelter


Giving is pretty hard.

Sure, you can give now and then to a couple of the charity's you've heard of before, or that you friend helps out with. And that's awesome. Honestly.

But we don't need to tell you that the world needs help more than ever right now. Climate change, reproductive rights, coronavirus—there's no shortage of problems keeping us up at night.

There's a lot of great nonprofits fighting every day to help. But these issues are so huge that no one group can solve it all. And some nonprofits are simply better than others. And the world is changing so quickly that the best way to give changes daily.

Rich philanthropists pay thousands for advisors to manage this all for them. Most of us can't.

We built Pillar to help make good, proactive giving effortless. We work with leading experts and use data science to build smart, dynamic, and personalized giving portfolios.

All you do is tell Pillar what you care about and sit back. We monitor the news, world events, financial statements, and expert advice 24/7 to build your portfolio.

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